Dear shareholders

This year we marked our company’s 40th anniversary. Gobi JSC has continuously expanded its operations since its establishment in 1981, thanks to the efforts and dedication of our investors, shareholders, suppliers, partners, customers, company management, and employees.

Despite the fact that our company prioritized employee health and strictly followed the suggestions and guidelines of the State Emergency Commission and the Capital Emergency Commission during the pandemic, the epidemic continues to have an impact on our business. We have made significant strategic investments in the last three years with a long-term goal of establishing Gobi as an international brand and becoming a more well-known and competitive company on the global stage. This leads us to the conclusion that we have successfully laid the groundwork for our future expansion.

In 2021, our company reported sales of 144.3 billion MNT, a 23 percent increase from the year before. Our e-commerce platform, which we launched in the second half of 2019 in order to expand our sales channels to the global market, has now grown 4.2 times, indicating that the time has come to reap the benefits of significant investments made in recent years.

Additionally, in order to increase labor productivity and improve decision-making across the board, we are implementing e-transition by incorporating programming and automation into every facet of our business operations. With our customer base has been growing rapidly, we have swiftly established our status, international position, and brand recognition by working with big international corporations. Our e-transition team is constantly learning from international experiences and is successfully acquiring the necessary knowledge in the field. In order to establish the Gobi JSC as a global brand, begin to recoup our investment, increase sales and profitability, and increase the shareholders’ wealth, we will devote all of our efforts to doing so as we enter the next significant phase of our growth in 2022. We appreciate the continued support provided by our shareholders, as well as all of our business partners, stakeholders, and devoted customers. Success, health, and wealth are my wishes for everyone! Sincerely yours, Dr. Gerelmaa Damba, Ph.D.