GOBI JSC Announces Its Updated Shareholders Structure with Tavan Bogd Holdings LLC's Reinvestment after 17 years



On March 15, 2024, through transactions on the Mongolian Stock Exchange, Tavan Bogd Holdings LLC, a significant shareholder of GOBI JSC, acquired a 33.00% stake from Hide Inter LLC of Japan, becoming the only significant shareholder of GOBI JSC. This acquisition marks Tavan Bogd Holdings LLC's renewed investment in GOBI JSC after 17 years, increasing its total ownership to 84.29%. This transition ensures that the majority of our company’s shares are held by Mongolian investors. Our company is committed to upholding the principles of good governance, protecting the interests of all stakeholders through transparency, fairness, and ethical practices.

 We aim to create long-term value for our investors and shareholders by promoting sustainable development practices. By emphasizing the value and quality of Mongolian cashmere on the international stage, we aspire to be the leading global producer and seller of cashmere products, contributing significantly to the development of Mongolia. 

We are dedicated to working tirelessly towards enhancing the contribution of our company to Mongolia's progress, by adhering to the principles of sustainable development and by highlighting the global importance of Mongolian cashmere.