"GOBI" JSC Collaborates with the Asian Development Bank on Climate Action Initiative



"GOBI" JSC, a leading national producer, has entered into a partnership with the Asian Development Bank for the execution of the "Group Adaptation of Herders to Climate Change and Sustainable Pasture Management" pilot project. This collaboration, driven by social responsibility, aims to address climate change challenges. The project, funded by the Asian Development Bank, will run until 2029 with a focus on four primary goals:


1. Elevating herders' living standards,

2. Ensuring gender equality in opportunities for male and female herders,

3. Establishing sustainable pasture management,

4. Implementing group adaptation measures for climate change.


The initial phase of the project will involve testing a sustainable pasture management model with 200  herder families from Khuvsgul and Bayankhongor provinces. Activities include providing ecological knowledge of pastures and enhancing gender sensitivity through improved financial education. Successful implementation will result in the sharing of experiences, results, and methods with relevant government agencies, contributing to the establishment of a sustainable supply chain.


Recognizing the potential negative impact of climate change on the livestock industry in the country, it is crucial to involve not only the state but also major national enterprises in preparing livestock farmers. The project's implementation is of utmost importance, emphasizing the need for private sector contributions to reduce the impact of climate change. Aligned with widely recognized United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, this initiative addresses goals such as "5. Gender Equality," "13. Climate Action," and "15. Life on Land."