Herders of Ikh-Uul sum of Khuvsgul province donate 90 selected inseminator goats to Gobi JSC



In collaboration with the Agricultural University and Herders, Gobi JSC began implementing the "Sustainable Cashmere Tripartite Project" in 2020.
This project is implemented in Ikh-Uul Sum in Khuvsgul Province and Just Sum in Bayankhongor Province and aims to strengthen the connection between Industry - Science - Herders, thereby improving the quality of cashmere and increasing the income of herder families. 
In honor of the sum's 90th anniversary, the herdsmen of Ikh-Uul Sum in Khuvsgul province contributed a total of 90 chosen inseminator baby goats to support the aforementioned project. On behalf of the herders, B. Myanganbayar, the Governor of Ikh-Uul sum, presented it to Ch. Solongo, the Chief Deputy Director of Gobi JSC.


As part of the "Sustainable Cashmere Tripartite Project," 90 herdsmen and employees from the governor's office of the Ikh-Uul Sum also paid a visit to the Gobi factory.