Gobi JSC organized an event to extend prospects of future collaboration to supplier cooperatives.


Gobi JSC strives to create a stable relationship built on mutual trust, transparency, and common interests with the stakeholders, giving importance to the participation of all parties at the same level in all activities.





Our organization hosted a significant event on March 7, 2023, welcoming leaders from twenty cooperatives representing raw material suppliers. The event commenced with opening remarks by Gobi JSC's Chief Executive Director, B. Amarsaikhan, who highlighted the potential for collaborative efforts to enhance the value of Mongolian cashmere. Furthermore, the management team of Gobi JSC, along with experts from the Mongolian University of Life Sciences, delivered a comprehensive presentation on international standards within the cashmere industry, sustainable raw materials, and the best practices of cashmere preparation. Discussions also touched upon tax reporting considerations, and a factory tour was successfully organized.




Looking forward, Gobi JSC is embarking on a new chapter, formulating a strategic plan to introduce Mongolian cashmere to global markets and elevate its value through collaborative partnerships with stakeholders.