Frequently Asked Questions

To submit a request for cooperation with Gobi JSC, please navigate to the "Feedback" section on our website. There, you can find a form specifically designed for submitting requests and inquiries. Simply fill out the required fields and provide details about your proposed cooperation. Our team will review your submission and respond to you accordingly. We appreciate your interest in partnering with Gobi JSC and look forward to exploring potential collaborative opportunities.
For information on stock prices, there are two sources you can refer to: 1. Mongolian Stock Exchange ( The Mongolian Stock Exchange website provides up-to-date information on daily exchange rates. You can visit their website to access the latest stock prices. 2. Our Website: We also provide information on stock prices through our "Stock Price" menu on our website. You can navigate to this section to view the current stock prices of Gobi JSC. Both sources will provide you with accurate and reliable information regarding stock prices. Feel free to utilize these resources to stay informed about the performance of Gobi JSC in the stock market.
Information regarding domestic trade, including sales and discounts, can be accessed through the official "Gobi Cashmere" Facebook page and the online store at For international sales and information about discounts, please visit the following websites:; These websites provide comprehensive information about sales promotions, discounts, and other international trade opportunities offered by Gobi. Feel free to visit these sites to stay updated on the latest sales and discounted offerings.
To obtain dividends from previous years, please follow the instructions outlined below: Dividends from 1996 to 2006: Firstly, check if you are a registered shareholder of our company by searching the shareholders registration using your ID number. If you are registered, submit a dividend request form. Our team will calculate the dividend owed to you and transfer it to your bank account within 3 working days. Alternatively, if you prefer to receive your dividend in cash, you can visit the Gobi JSC Board office in person to collect your payment. Dividends from 2010-2018: For dividends from 2010-2018, you can obtain them through your brokerage firm. Contact your brokerage firm to inquire about the process and necessary documentation for receiving dividend payments. Please note that Gobi JSC did not distribute dividends for the years 2019, 2020, and 2021 due to the financial results of those respective years. If you have any further inquiries please don't hesitate to contact our Board office at +976-94118277, +976-94995750 or send an email to
To check the stocks which you bought in the 1990s with blue and pink tickets, you can use your ID number to look up in the shareholders registration of our company at This online platform allows you to access the shareholder registration information and verify your stock holdings from that period. Simply enter your ID number and follow the instructions provided on the website to retrieve the relevant details about your shares.
The annual general meeting of shareholders for Gobi JSC is typically held in April. According to legal requirements, this meeting must take place within 4 months after the end of the financial year. It is advisable to stay informed about the exact date and details of the meeting through various channels, including: 1. Newspapers: Keep an eye on local newspapers, as they often publish announcements and details regarding the annual general meeting. 2. Television: Watch for any televised announcements or coverage of the meeting on relevant news channels. 3. Official Facebook Page and Website: Check our company's official Facebook page and website for updates and information regarding the annual general meeting of shareholders. 4. Mongolian Stock Exchange Website: The website of the Mongolian Stock Exchange may also provide information and announcements related to the meeting. By utilizing these channels, you can stay informed about the specific date and location of the annual general meeting of shareholders for Gobi JSC.