Established on September 5, 1981, the "Gobi" Joint Stock Company is the first national manufacturer to utilize cutting-edge technology to market Mongolian cashmere to the world. We are committed to providing ideal designs and high-quality products that meet our customers' needs.


Our Vision

We make cashmere a lifestyle

Our Mission

We provide everyone with stylish, affordable, and quality cashmere.

Our Slogan

Cashmere for All

Business model

Our company's long-term development is ensured by forming a creative, skilled, and stable team based on high performance, as well as by providing social security and recruiting, training, and developing human resources, which is our company's most critical resource.

Our intellectual property, brands, market position, and technological know-how ensure Gobi JSC's future value.

The foundation of our future well-being is the sustainable and appropriate use of the exhaustible and inexhaustible resources used in our wealth-creation processes, such as raw cashmere, pasture, water, air, and soil.

We will increase our financial resources by efficiently managing our operations as well as the resources of domestic and foreign banks and financial institutions.

Utilizing cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technology, equipment, and safety during the complex processing and production of finished goods from raw cashmere is one of our most valuable resources.

The foundation for our company's sustainable development is the stable and respectful relationship that we build with all of our stakeholders.